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The changing role of metalworking fluids in the market


        With the tightening of budgets, every company hopes to squeeze out profits from every job. The role of processing lubricants is changing. It was once considered a commodity, but as a "must have" to keep the machine buzzing Necessities. Nowadays, low lubricants used to be a key participant in workshop efficiency, prolonging tool life and reducing costs occupy a central position.
        Machine manufacturers have built larger, faster, and more efficient machines. These machines require higher performance in their metalworking fluids, tools and high-pressure equipment are better surface treatment, tools and required cycle times are shortened standard.
        When people focus on the precision machining area of ​​the market, the desire to reduce parts handling to an "integrated" concept means that it is of greater importance to choose the right lubricant before starting work, combining the right fluid with tools, materials Matching operations is becoming more and more important.
  Is there a metalworking fluid suitable for all machines and applications? There may not be a general-purpose liquid, but of course the best choice can and should be made to maximize operation and tool life.
  It is the key to let the metalworking fluid manufacturer or distributor partner really spend time understanding the customer’s application needs. The more the supplier understands the customer’s operation, the better his advice and the more successful the application.