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The Protection for Cosmetic--PHMB

Cosmetic oils or nutrients are highly susceptible to microbial infections and deteriorate, resulting in reduced product quality. In cosmetics, the role of preservatives is to prevent products from microbial contamination, extend the shelf life of products, and ensure product safety. The main component of cosmetic preservatives is PHMB. As a medical grade fungicide (polyhexamethylene biguanide hydrochloride), it is widely used in medical supplies sterilization, daily chemical products, wet wipes, etc. Safe, non-toxic, tasteless, chlorine-free, iodine, mercury, aldehyde, phenol and heavy metal products, completely killing all kinds of bacteria, microorganisms, viruses, etc.! The general mechanism of action of preservatives is described below:

As a main component of preservatives, PHMB can inhibit and kill microorganisms in cosmetics and maintain the quality of cosmetics for a long time. Preservatives are not fungicides, they do not have a strong direct bactericidal effect and only work when the concentration is sufficient and in direct contact with the microorganisms. The role of preservatives is to prevent the growth of cells by inhibiting the synthesis of enzymes, which are the basic metabolism of cells or the synthesis of important nucleic acids and proteins.