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Working concentration range of metalworking fluids and its measurement


   All metalworking fluids are formulated to work within a specific concentration range. These working concentration limits are determined and recommended by the manufacturer to obtain better fluid performance. All fluids have a "concentration" level, which must be observed to maintain biological stability, good corrosion protection and cutting performance.

   If the concentration level is allowed to fall below the level within any given length of time, various problems will arise. Biological instability and the development of biomass, low pH, corrosion of ferroalloys (red rust), cracking of emulsions, poor cutting performance and metal removal fluid treatment are all possible problems. The concentration of the coolant can be easily checked by an optical device called a refractometer.

  There are various types and styles of refractometers available for purchase, from basic handheld optical refractometers to more complex digital units. The refractometer type is a refractometer that is used regularly in stores because concentration is a key factor in obtaining fluid life. Just remember an old adage: "You can't control what you don't measure." If the concentration of the liquid in a particular application is unknown, it is important to contact the liquid supplier to obtain this information