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Does it contain polymer emulsions preservative?

        When it comes to polymer emulsions preservative, most consumers are associated with negative information. Among the many preservatives, "isothiazolinone" preservatives are considered to be highly irritating, have a high allergic rate, and are toxic to the nervous system. Products containing such polyhexamethylene guanidine hydrochlorides should be avoided as much as possible. Does this argument make sense?

        Such etalworking fluid preservative are often used in combination on a 3:1 ratio in the market, and the two industrial preservatives used in combination are often referred to as "cassons". Therefore, there are two cases in which methylisothiazolone is used, one is used alone, and the other is a form of cascading, that is, a complex of MIT/CIT. Methyl isothiazolinone is a widely used fungicide. The general polymer emulsions preservative has a killing effect only on fungi or certain types of bacteria. MIT has excellent antibacterial properties for all microorganisms, the size is killing, the price is low, and the added amount is low. .

        Methylisothiazolone is often used in the manufacture of cosmetics, which may irritate the skin and cause skin sensitivity. It has been confirmed by a large number of clinical trials. This is beyond doubt. However, here is only a high probability of causing allergies, not 100% cause skin allergies. As long as it is below the use concentration specified by the state, there is no adverse reaction with the product containing MIT, and methyl isothiazolinone will not accumulate inside the skin, so don't worry.