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Is PHMB An Effective Disinfectant?

PHMB is a disinfectant used in disinfection of swimming pools, hot tubs and contact lenses. According to research, swimming pools have proven to be one of the main vectors of adenovirus eye infection transmission. So, how do we determine whether PHMB is an effective disinfectant for ordinary eye Ad serotypes?


The direct antiviral activity of PHMB was determined by incubating high concentrations of clinical isolates Ad1, Ad2, Ad3, Ad4, Ad5, Ad7a, Ad8, Ad19, and ATCC Ad37 at 30 and 20 PPM at room temperature or 40 degrees Celsius. The PHMB and control medium are left for 24 hours.

Standard plaque assays were performed on the reaction mixture to determine the AdMB concentration after PHMB or control treatment. Logically convert the AD concentration and calculate the Log 10 reduction in titer relative to the control.

At room temperature, for any Ad serotype tested at 30 or 20 PPM, the concentration of PHMB does not produce a decrease of> 10 Log10. However, at 40 degrees Celsius, for Ad1, Ad3, Ad5, Ad8, Ad19 and Ad37, the Ad titer of PHMB at 30 and 20 PPM decreases> 10 Log10, but not for Ad2, Ad4 and Ad7a.

In conclusion
When PHMB is used to disinfect swimming pools and hot tubs, it does not reduce AD ​​concentration at room temperature. When the temperature rises to 40 degrees Celsius, the effect of PHMB reducing Ad concentration is enhanced, but the effect does not cover all tested Ad serotypes.

In swimming pools, PHMB does not seem to be an effective disinfectant against Ad, but only moderately effective in hot tubs.

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