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PHMG-P (Polyhexa-methylene Guanidine Phosphate)

Chemical Name: Polyhexa-methylene guanidine phosphate
CAS No. :89697-78-9 
EINECS No.:220-120-9
Molecular Formula: C7H5NOS

Product Details
Item No.: Be ® WB020-D Guanidine Phosphate
Chemical Name: 1,2-benzisothiazoline-3-one,20%bit dpg
CAS No.: 2634-33-5 
EINECS No.: 220-120-9
Active Ingredient: 20%
Appearance: yellow liquid with characteristic odor
Molecular Formula: C7H5NOS
Molecular Weight: 151.18
Flash Point(closed):  118 ℃
Solubility: soluble in water
Application Field: Widely used in a variety of water-based polymer emulsion, adhesives, coatings, synthetic fiber oil, paper, metal cutting fluid, calendering fluid, grinding fluid, industrial circulating water, oil extraction and leather industry, such as anti-bacterial anti-corrosive algae
Storage: Room temperature storage

Packaging: 25/kg or 200/kg PE Drum